Access more than 40,000

cyber cases 

ADVISEN’S CYBER DATABASE is a proprietary relational database
of information about various cyber risk-related events which have or could have resulted in significant financial judgments or financial loss to corporate entities. The Advisen cyber database includes more than 40,000 cases involving billions of unauthorized disclosures, thefts, or serious disruptions of customer & employee identities, corporate assets, and systems capabilities.

While system hacks and data breaches get the lion’s share of publicity,
Advisen’s cyber dataset also includes such risks as:

  • Cyber Extortion
  • Data – Unintentional Disclosure
  • Data – Physically Lost or Stolen
  • Data – Malicious Breach
  • Privacy – Unauthorized Data Collection
  • Privacy – Unauthorized Contact or Disclosure
  • Identity – Fraudulent Use/Account Access
  • Industrial Controls & Operations
  • Network/Website Disruption
  • Phishing, Spoofing, Social Engineering
  • Skimming, Physical Tampering
  • IT – Configuration/Implementation Errors
  • IT – Processing Errors